Suede N Nubuck Shoe Cleaning Sponge

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Rs. 225

An innovative 2- in 1 Sponge+ Eraser for daily care and maintenance of Suede and  Nubuck leathers launched first time in India. High quality Sponge effectively removes dust and restore snap of leather. Rubber gum works like an eraser for stubborn stains. Suitable for : All Suede N Nubuck leathers. can be used on : Shoes, bags and other leather articles. Directions to use: Rub the sponge over the shoe in to and fro motion to remove dust. Rub the gum gently over stubborn stains to lighten/remove them. Colors available: Neutral.

Material: Suede N nubuck shoe cleaning sponge with eraser to erase tough stains.

Care Instructions: Keep away from fire